Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Many of us rely on our careers for countless reasons. Primarily, we rely on the money earned through hard work to support our quality of living, our families, and our daily expenses. When an unexpected work-related incident results in serious injuries, illnesses, or disabilities, however, taking time away from work can cause tremendous financial strain.

If you have recently suffered an injury while at work or while performing a work-related duty, do not assume that you are alone at this time. By filing a workers’ compensation claim, you can receive financial benefits as you recover and regain strength. Eligible employees will receive compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other related doctor’s expenses – in exchange for waiving the right to sue an employer for negligence.

Generally, there are fundamental requirements that must be fulfilled in order to receive benefits:

  • Your employer must have workers’ compensation coverage
  • You must be an active employee of the company or person
  • Your injury must have been work or employment-related

No two cases are alike, and there could be additional requirements associated with your particular case. Even if you have met all of these requirements, you must speak with our knowledgeable Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers. Unfortunately, not every claim is as straightforward or simple as one would wish. We can be trusted to facilitate your application process in the smoothest and swiftest manner possible so you can receive and enjoy your benefits as you recover to full health.

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Exceptional legal counsel should be affordable to all. We only accept workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee basis and we provide prospective clients with free, initial case evaluations. If you are interested in determining whether you are eligible to receive benefits, we are here to help.

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