Workers’ Comp Appeals

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To learn more about why your workers’ compensation application has been denied, please contact our Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys at Bill Easterly & Associates With more than 25 years of collective legal experience to our name, we are well-versed in all laws and processes involved in the workers’ compensation application process. We can assess your current case and determine which legal option can increase your chances of securing the financial assistance that you need during your time of healing.

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Understanding the Appeals Process

No cases are exactly alike, and some workers’ compensation claims will be more complex or nuanced than others. Despite the subtle and unique differences that each case can have, most workers’ compensation appeals claims contain the same procedural elements.

If you are seeking to appeal or review a denied claim, consider the following steps:

  • Consult your insurer to determine why your claim was denied
  • Make certain all necessary documentation has been submitted to your insurer
  • Initiate an official appeal to urge your insurer to reconsider its decision
  • File the formal appeal to the administrative agency within the necessary time frame
  • Hire a workers’ compensation lawyer who can help facilitate and finalize the process

Our knowledgeable Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers can prepare you for the process ahead. We are no stranger to the fact that many of our clients could be feeling incredibly overwhelmed by an impending legal procedure, especially if they are unfamiliar with the laws and processes. With our effective legal team working at your side, however, you can be confident and completely empowered.

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We have more than 25 years of experience in representing our clients before state courts as well as administrative agencies, boards, and judges. We can conduct all necessary investigations to gather and supply evidence needed to persuade a Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision, or reverse a denial. Increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome with help from a Nashville injury lawyer at our firm!

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