Single-Vehicle Accidents: Is the Driver Always at Fault?

Single-vehicle accidents, as the name entails, only involve one vehicle and one driver. These types of accidents most commonly occur when a driver hits an object along the side of the road, runs off of the road, flips their vehicle or spins out—all without the involvement of a second vehicle. In most cases, it will be assumed that the driver was at fault for the car accident, but there are certain exceptions. It is possible that another party could be to blame.

When You Would Not Be Liable for a Single-Vehicle Accident

In many cases, it will be presumed that the driver in a single-vehicle accident is at fault; however, it is possible, under certain conditions, that another party was actually at fault.

  1. The accident was caused by another driver: Although you may have been the only one involved in a collision, it does not necessarily mean that you are at fault. For example, you may have swerved out of the way to avoid another driver who wasn’t paying attention, driving recklessly or violating a traffic law (i.e. running a red light). Even though the other driver did not crash, you would not be liable.
  2. The accident was caused by a defective auto part: If you were involved in an accident that was caused by a sudden equipment failure, you may be able to prove that the auto manufacturer is at fault. This would be the case if your brakes suddenly failed, causing you to run off of the road and hit a tree, but not in a situation where you were aware of the problem and it continued to get worse over time.
  3. The accident was caused by a dangerous road: Although these cases are more difficult to prove, it is also possible that your single-vehicle accident was caused by a dangerous or defective roadway. The government entity that is responsible for maintaining that particular road would be liable; however, these cases are different in that certain immunities and shorter filing deadlines would apply.

How to Make a Case After a Single-Vehicle Accident

If you believe that your single-vehicle accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, it is important that you act quickly to discuss your case with a Nashville injury attorney at Bill Easterly & Associates We can ensure that all of the right steps are taken, which may include documenting the scene of the accident or filing a report with the government.

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