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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, it is important that you contact a Tennessee injury attorney as soon as possible. At Bill Easterly & Associates, our team is committed to fighting for justice on behalf of those who have suffered injuries, property damage, emotional trauma, and other losses at the hands of another.

Clients continue to choose our personal injury law firm because we:

  • Have 25+ years of collective litigation experience
  • Provide each client with one-on-one attention
  • Have obtained millions of dollars in recoveries
  • Accept cases on a contingency fee basis
  • Visit clients in their home or hospital
  • Provide around-the-clock legal counsel

We've handled and won many personal injury claims throughout the years.Over our 25 years of experience, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We are passionate about helping victims pursue the financial support that they need in order to make a full and speedy recovery. As a firm that operates on contingency fees, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to fight for your case and you will not pay us unless we win.

We represent clients in a variety of personal injury claims, including:

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Who is Responsible for My Injury?

Our personal injury lawyers are here to provide legal help to victims.If you have been injured in an accident, the liable party depends primarily on the concept of negligence. In most injury cases, an individual will be found liable for damages if he or she acted in a careless manner that did not fulfill his or her reasonable duty to protect against injury.

  • Negligent individuals – If the injured individual was in a place he or she had every right to be and had no reason to anticipate the activity that resulted in the injury, the negligent party will likely be liable for damages.
  • Injured individuals – Through comparative negligence, if it is determined that the individual’s own carelessness contributed in some percent to the injury, he or she will be liable for a percentage of the damages equal to their own fault.
  • Property owners – If the accident took place on a property and was caused in any way by a dangerous element of the premises that could have been avoided with proper maintenance, the property owner may be found liable.
  • Manufacturers and sellers – If an injury is due in any part to a defective product, liability may be found with those responsible for its manufacture, distribution, or sale.

Our personal injury attorneys have over 25 years of experience in handling personal injury cases.If you think you may have a personal injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers in Nashville immediately. No case is too complex for our team of solid litigators. When you hire our firm, we will leave no detail uncovered as we thoroughly investigate your accident to help you determine liability and seek the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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Demand the Full Compensation You Deserve

Our personal injury law firm can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.We genuinely believe that you should not have to pay the price for someone else’s negligent and dangerous wrongdoing. For this reason, you can trust our legal team to do everything within our professional power to make sure you are not stuck with the financial repercussions of a serious injury-causing accident. We are ready to put decades of experience and practice to work for you! To schedule your free consultation, do not hesitate to contact our firm today.

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