Motorcycle Accidents

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Types of Motorcycle Accidents & Determining Liability

As motorcycles offer significantly less protection than passenger vehicles do, motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer serious motorcycle injuries in an accident. Due to its size, it is not uncommon for the driver of a car or truck to not see a motorcycle, which makes common driver negligence significantly more hazardous to motorcyclists. Thus, it is the responsibility of all motorists on the road to remain alert and focused. If a negligent driver causes an accident with a motorcycle, he or she will likely be liable for any resulting injuries.

Of all motorcycle accidents, about 42 percent are caused by cars making negligent left turns. These accidents typically occur when a motorcycle is traveling through the intersection, passing the car, or trying to overtake the car, and the driver of the car is not paying attention or does not see them. Unless a motorcyclist was driving illegally, the car making a left-hand turn will almost always be liable for the accident.

Potential Dangers of the Road for Motorcyclists

Compared to automobiles, motorcycles are more sensitive to certain road hazards. If a motorcyclist is injured due to a road obstruction, liability belongs to whatever party is responsible for that road’s maintenance or the company causing the danger to the roadway. Whether private or public, liability can lie with city, county or state agencies that govern the area, and also include the company of a truck whose cargo falls into the road.

Common road hazards for motorcyclists include:

  • Uneven pavement
  • Gravel
  • Debris
  • Snow and ice
  • Uneven lanes
  • Slick surfaces

Whatever the cause of your motorcycle accident injury, you deserve effective legal counsel. At Bill Easterly & Associates, we proudly advocate on behalf of innocently injured victims who otherwise cannot represent themselves. We are dedicated to helping our clients receive the just compensation they are entitled to through aggressive personal injury lawsuits.

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We have represented clients in a number of motorcycle accident cases, and no case is too complex for our firm to handle. Over the years, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients, and we are prepared to do everything it takes to help you recover compensation as well. If a negligent driver or poor road conditions caused you to get into an accident that left you seriously injured, consult a motorcycle injury attorney at our firm.

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