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After you receive an injury at the hands of another individual’s negligence, you expect to recover compensation for your suffering. Why wouldn’t you, right? Sadly enough, insurance companies deny claims every day and many times there is no good reason for doing so. In the insurance world, this is called ‘bad faith’ and you can take legal action.

At Bill Easterly & Associates in Nashville, our insurance dispute lawyers are highly equipped to deal with bad faith claims. We know how important it is to obtain the recompense you deserve and in a timely manner. Because many insurance companies put up a fight when it comes to handing over compensation, we’re prepared to act on your behalf.

Common Causes of Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are required to act in good faith toward those they are contractually bound to – the insured. When they don’t, they’re operating in bad faith. Insurance companies do everything they can to save money, which includes cheating injured victims out of their compensation. Victims often fail to take action against their denied claims simply because they don’t know they can!

Examples of bad faith conduct include:

  • Purposefully acting too slowly on a claim
  • Failing to reimburse victims for their total losses
  • Unreasonable denial of a claim
  • Trying to under-settle a claim for no reason

If you believe that your insurance company acted in bad faith toward you, you may be able to take action. This may mean sending in a letter of dispute or even filing a lawsuit against the company.

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More than anyone else, we get it. Insurance companies can be menacing and it is hard to stand up for your rights in the face of such intimidation. Our Nashville firm has 25 years of combined experience dealing with insurance companies and can become your personal advocate.

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