Should I Accept an Insurance Settlement?

Consult an Attorney Before Accepting Settlements

Were you in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver? His or her insurance company may have offered you a settlement, and without proper legal counsel, accepting it may mean that you receive less compensation than you really deserve. Don’t let an insurance agency take advantage of you and deny the recovery you need; let our personal injury lawyers from Bill Easterly & Associates, help you stand up for your rights.

Our team of legal professionals have more than 25 years of experience in personal injury law. Throughout this time, we’ve seen many cases in which insurance agencies attempt to manipulate victims of negligence into taking less than what they rightfully deserve. We have the competence and experience that you need to dispute insurance companies and fight for the full and fair compensation you need to cover your damage.

How an Insurance Adjuster Values Your Claim

It is the job of an insurance adjuster to ensure their company loses as little money as possible, which means that they will do whatever it takes to underestimate your damages. Adjusters are meticulous in investigating the accident; they will get their client’s side of the story, read and analyze any existing police or accident reports, and investigate your background and history.

Their motive is to find any missing piece that may discount your story or may lessen the value of your case. An adjuster may request numerous documentation which they will thoroughly evaluate for holes or prior medical conditions that may indicate that the defendant was less at fault for your damages than is claimed. Adjusters will use any and all dirt they find against you.

Documents that an adjuster might examine include:

  • Medical records
  • Medical bills
  • Tax returns
  • Proof of earnings
  • Proof of property damage
  • Documentation of claim itself

After compiling all information that an adjuster needs, he or she will then estimate the value of your claim in order to offer a settlement that he or she feels is adequate. The number that an adjuster determines will almost always be underestimated. For example, they may discount medical bills depending upon who it was that treated you: a medical bill from a chiropractic may be assigned less value than a bill of similar amount from a physician or hospital.

The two factors that ultimately determine an adjuster’s value estimation include:

  • How good your chances of winning are if the case goes to trial
  • How much the jury may award you if you win

If an insurance agency has offered you a settlement, you can be sure that it is likely less money than you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers can help you understand the amount that you are rightfully owed and can help you fight to pursue it. We know the tactics insurance adjusters use to devalue a claim, and are dedicated to standing up to them.

We’ve Recovered Millions for Nashville Clients

At Bill Easterly & Associates, we know the stress and frustration of having your personal, medical, and financial history torn apart by insurance companies who don’t want to provide the money you deserve. Our injury attorneys are proud to be advocates for the rights of victims of negligence and are not intimidated by stubborn, aggressive insurance adjusters. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve; let us help you take action!

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